Mosquito net on hinges

     The insect repellent hinged net is used for both doors and windows. It is made of aluminum frame and mesh. It is fastened with hinges and closed with a handle and a snapper. The connecting elements are made of PVC material. When the area of the mosquito net is larger than 1.2 sq.m. an additional divider is added for greater stability and strength. A divider must be placed on the doors. This is the most budget option for a mosquito net. The colors in which it is made are white, brown, standard wood imitations and RAL colors.

Roller mosquito net

     The roller mosquito net consists of a net, an aluminum frame and a box. To move the net, there is an aluminum profile at the bottom. When the net moves upwards, it winds up and hides in the box. These mosquito nets are extremely suitable for windows. They also allow the installation of external blinds, if the distance between the window, mosquito net and blind is properly adjusted. These mosquito nets are made in a separate frame and therefore they can be mounted on existing windows. The offered color range is in white, brown, standard wood imitations and RAL colors.

Pleated mosquito net

     Pleated mosquito nets are extremely elegant and beautiful. They are a great choice for door mounting because they are very convenient to use in this case. They take up little space when folded, do not obscure the view and visibility. Collecting the mosquito net is done in a horizontal motion, folding like a pleat. Pleated mosquito net allows you to cover large openings. It is also easy to remove to clean and store in the winter. The colors you can choose from are white, brown, standard wood imitations and RAL colors.