Fitting and glazings


     The hardware we use for both PVC and aluminum structures is Maco. It is Austrian production. The manufacturer is a proven leader worldwide. The standard Silber-look coating provides optimal protection of the fittings under normal environmental influences and makes it resistant to corrosion. The brand is one, but the opportunities are many…

Profile systems offer the possibility of installing double or triple glazing. The 4 seasons glass (high emission) refracts the sun’s rays and is suitable for south-facing windows. This makes the rooms cooler during the hot months. While K-glass (low emission) maintains the achieved temperature in the rooms and is especially suitable for facades with northern exposure. For the highest efficiency, triple glazing with both types of emission glass is recommended. In order to achieve better sound insulation, the glazings are made with different thickness of the glass or with triplex. As a standard, the glazings are made with an aluminum spacer (cold), but they can also be made with a PVC (warm) spacer. It improves the thermal insulation parameters of the glazing by 7%. At the same time it reduces the likelihood of condensation.